100% Raw Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is wonderful! I feel much brighter and lighter in myself since taking it. Thank you x

Sarah Hamlet

Wow cette couleur, l'heure du bain devient fun. Merci!

Robin Bellavia

Die Creme ist wirklich ausgezeichnet. Man sollte sich vorab wegen des Kroko-Anteils ein wenig informieren. Für die Anwendung in meinem Handbereich wirklich prima.


I have had a rash for ages and tried every cream under the sun on it to no avail. Organic Marula Oil Facial Moisturiser is the best I have found and makes it bearable to almost gone. I have bought more because it is such a relief to find something that helps.

Sarah Humphries

Kalahari Melon Oil Facial Moisturiser is just great! I suffer with occasional acne and have read up on the wonders of Kalahari Melon Oil and Crocodile Oil. This is perfect and much better then any topical 'acne' named products.

Thomas Arvigo

A few months ago I ran out of mint tea and grabbed Tribe Skincare Organic Kidney & Liver Detox Herbal Tea off the shelf in my neighborhood CVS store to replace it. But this tea turned out not to be an apt replacement for the mint tea I normally have in my evening tea rotation, because it tasted like something entirely new. The freshness of a classic tea is still there, but it partners with the earthiness of the borututu and dandelion to create a brew that’s complex, sharp, mineral, and completely delightful. Give this to the herbal-tea drinker in your life who would welcome an alternative to the classic tisanes!

Eric Price

I’ve been using the Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder for over a year and wouldn’t be without it. Great quality!

Rob Rebbot

Organic Lung Detox Herbal Tea is great tea. I use it when i feel congestion in my lungs. It works for me.

Olessia Nicholls

Tribe Skincare Organic Moringa Powder really helps me with my seasonal allergies and my menstrual cramps!

Melissa Leon

After a few years of dry itchy scalp and using tar shampoo and other high street retailers anti dandruff shampoos, I was sick of nothing working. I did a quick google search for something natural to help with my problem and saw these 2 products reviewed and went straight to purchase. I’ve been using Tribe Skincare Extra Mild Shampoo & Hair Conditioner with Crocodile Oil for around 3 years religiously now and can seriously say it’s an absolute life saver from the sometimes painful and embarrassing problem I was dealing with.

Keren Berndl

I am so pleased with my purchase – Tribe Skincare Wild Harvested Buchu Tea is amazing! The smell is like a mint blackcurrant, so fresh with a lovely clean taste. Ph alkaline too ? No hunger pangs, lovely flavour, feeling brilliant after drinking this tea despite my health problems. Will be buying this tea on a regular basis

Richard Mabey

Crocodile Oil 83% Skin Rescue Treatment arrived super fast! Thank you!! In 24 hours, the inflammation in my face had decreased significantly!

Donna K Hays

I tried Tribe Kalahari Melon Oil moisturiser and was a little unsure of how well it would do as my skin tends to be oiler in the summer so I try to avoid things like facial oils, but I have to say this has to be one of the best I’ve tried! The oil itself is not what you would expect, in fact it is what I would probably describe as a ‘dry oil’ in that it does not feel or go onto your skin oily at all. In terms of product scent, if you’re a fan of lighter fragrances and synthetics then you might not like this one. It simply doesn’t have any smell at all. I’ve been using it daily over the course of a few weeks now and my skin has not only not been oily but it is actually looking better than ever! I have seen a noticeable difference in my complexion with a generally more even skin tone. Also, after being introduced to the brand after the trial how amazing is the packaging and branding! It’s great to see something a little more quirky on the shelves and the bottles are going to look great in my bathroom (because I will be buying some more). I think this is a great oil to try, especially if you’re the sort of person that would normally steer clear of anything with ‘oil’ in the title – you might end up a bit of a convert like me!

Margo Wells

I received a sample of Tribe Balm a few weeks ago and had to bite the bullet (price) and repurchase almost as soon as I’d finished it. I have very sensitive skin, that tends to be dry in winter with some eczema patches and combination in summer. This balm hasn’t irritated my skin at all! It leaves my skin feeling beautifully moisturised and sinks in within seconds leaving no residue. Sink glows all day when I use it. Lasts a very long time as you only use a small amount. I have tried lots of moisturisers and balms (This Works, Liz Earle etc) and this is by far the best.

Fenella Osborne

I love Tribe Kalahari Melon moisturiser, it is so calming, yet moisturising and it has soothed my skin which is usually quite dry but recently prone to a few breakouts. A great purchase.

Rosa CreePerth, Australia

Cleared off my eczema overnight. My skin feels wonderful and velvety and I’ve never had a balm that has felt this good before. I tried it around my eyes too, then my face, my neck, my body, my elbows, my feet. My nails, my hands. My hair. I gave some to my sister to try on her baby’s nappy rash and I just spoke to her. She is buying some from you right now. It takes off my make up too. I use it as a face cleanser, a moisturiser. It is also my anti ageing cream too. I have looked at my dresser in the bedroom, I don’t need any of these products any more, just this one. Tribe Balm High Concentrate will save me a fortune!

Wendy Nelke

This is the best lip balm ever! I had a problem with eczema on my face especially around and on my lips since I was a little girl and for the first time EVER I managed to solve it using Tribe Crocodile Oil SPF7 Lip Balm. If I could give this product 10 stars I would. The rest of the range is equally fantastic. Very impressed!

Sue Walker

I bought Tribe Handmade Soap with Crocodile Oil for my dermatitis hands. The palms of my hands had cracked open and they were bleeding. I used Tribe Hand Cream and this soap for cleaning my hands. My hands finally came back under control. I will use this soap for good now as it doesn’t burn or make my hands itch and bleed. The eczema starts on the knuckles and then spreads. I couldn’t use the soap at work as it burns my skin immediately. I bring this to work and leave it in my desk. I leave it in a tea cloth or tea towel because toilet paper shreds if it gets wet. This is the only way to survive at work at the moment. Otherwise my hands bleed all over the paperwork!

Chloe NorbertNorway

I honestly didn’t think it could be a better eczema treatment product than Tribe Balm High Concentrate… I was wrong. I received a jar of Tribe Crocodile Oil 83% Skin Rescue Treatment a week ago and I have to say it was amazing! The product feels heavenly and absorbs by the skin in no time. And the way it calms skin down simply can not be compared to anything else I have used before. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tribe!

Margaret Roys

I would like to thank you for the amazing products you produce as they are nothing but genuine and high quality. I am very satisfied as it is the only ointment so far which has significantly been able to manage my eczema. I was very sceptical at first because I have brought false products which have claimed to be crocodile oil yet had no impact on the repair of my skin.

Keana Henry

I’ve used this scrub for several years, and it is the BEST salt scrub out there! It is everything a body scrub should be! WONDERFUL! The sea salt is precisely what the skin needs for a deep exfoliate. It feels so good. And the natural oils are luxurious and nourishing! They penetrate deeply into the skin and last for days. I use it weekly. My skin glows when I’m done, and it’s super silky soft! And the scent is fresh, clean, and natural. I can’t say enough… just try it. Nothing else even compares. I’m a loyalist for life! Tribe, don’t change this product. You can’t improve on perfection!

Gill Rimley

I love Tribe 83% Skin Rescue Treatment. It works really nice on my hot rosacea cheeks. It keeps my flushing down and evens out the terrible red glow I get on my cheeks. My best find for sensitive skin so far!

Ross Whitley

Tribe 83% Skin Rescue Treatment is expensive, but it is the only treatment that works for my sensitive eczema prone skin. I try cheaper ones that are still organic but they always give me spots. Smells nice and my skin looks fantastic when I use it.

Elle Wells

When I was younger, I had eczema—itchy, flaky skin that never seemed to go away no matter what I tried. I really wish I had had a jar of Tribe 83% Skin Rescue Treatment on hand back then, because when I have the occasional outbreak now, this is the only thing that seems to work… and it’s made with *drumroll* crocodile oil. The makers extract oil from Nile crocodiles because it has natural anti-inflammatory, healing, and hydrating properties and contains even more healthy fatty acids than coconut oil! It’s been shown to help psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, redness, and can soften even the roughest elbows and driest, flakiest patches. My husband says it’s also the best for razor burns.

Emma W.New York, USA

Never thought I’d be rid of my acne scars. 2 days after using Tribe Jojoba Oil Facial Moisturiser with Crocodile Oil they actually started to fade and my new acne bumps subsided. My skin just stopped being oily when applying this oil. Too good to be true as it feels like a magic potion. I have never seen my skin look this good.

Sonya SchoemanNew York, USA

This is an excellent product for anybody suffering from eczema – I and my child both suffer from eczema, but this has brought down the red spots and flaky skin without the use of steroids. I used Tribe Balm High Concentrate even during summer when my eczema usually flares up most and it kept my skin calm and looking really good.
Really highly recommended for adults and children.

Jane Brown

Body Oil for Sensitive Skin is soothing and moisturising without being heavy and clogging on the skin, stopped my itchy skin that was driving me crazy, I have been using it twice a day with great results!

Dennis Calbert Florida, US

I love Tribe's Extra Mild Shampoo. Nothing I have ever used comes near to it. My scalp, usually troubled by eczema feels good and it makes my hair silky. Beautiful.

John Walker

10 days ago my 18 month old son’s skin was awful, starting to crack and had him screaming as soon as anything touched it. We tried him back on his prescription steroid cream and that only made him worse. By accident my mum stumbled across TRIBE company and with the reviews we purchased Tribe Crocodile Oil Balm High Concentrate, I have to admit I was skeptical at first but within 24 hours his skin had started to heal and he wasn’t in pain any more. Now he is fully healed and has (for the first time ever) amazingly soft skin. We have purchased two more large jars of Tribe Crocodile Oil Balms High Concentrate, Tribe Crocodile Oil 83% Skin Rescue Treatment (just in case) and Tribe Handmade Soap For Sensitive Skin and will be continuing to do so forever. The difference your product has made to my son is incredible! Thank you so much, you really don’t understand how amazing your products are!

Tina Bromley


Tanaka Satoko Tokyo, Japan